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Join celebrity parrot trainers Dave and Jamie Womach as they use their combined 35+ years of parrot training expertise to help you discover the root of & solve your parrot's behavioral problems. All of this with one mission in mind; To save parrots, one owner at a time! 

Entertaining, Educational, and Inspiring!

Apr 10, 2019

People give and receive love in five different "languages," and instinctively we try to relay our love and affection towards our parrots using our primary "love language".  Unfortunately, in all but the rare occasion this is actually doing the opposite to what we intend.

We all want the best for our parrots, so in this...

Apr 3, 2019

There's a movement happening right now that has got us on high alert.  Too many people are keeping their parrot's out of their cage so long, that the cage has actually turned into punishment!  

In this 1st episode of the Parrot Training Podcast, we reveal why too much freedom puts a death sentence on your...